What makes a good UK online casino?

What makes a good UK online casino?

Playing at casinos, or going to the bookies, is something which is familiar to many people. Online casinos ride on that wave with approximately 2.1 million people playing online, but due to the UK’s strict gambling and casino laws, the operators sometimes have to provide things in a slightly different way than in other countries. So what should UK players look out for when playing at a casino online? Here are a few of the key things to keep in mind when gambling online in the UK.


Bonuses and terms

There aren’t any particular limits on what bonuses a UK online casino can give a customer, and for the most part, casinos won’t give away anything particularly beyond the norm unless they're feeling generous. However one thing that’s a legal obligation in the UK is the presence of the terms and conditions. The basic terms must be visible alongside the promotional text, as well as clickable for full terms and conditions. If you’re thinking of playing at a UK casino, make sure to always check for this before registering, as well as reading those full terms and conditions every time!


Payment methods

Gambling online in the UK isn’t possible using credit cards – the reason for this is to ensure that you never exceed your limits of what you are able to spend. If your casino is offering you credit and not debit options then this one is to be avoided, as it isn’t following the law in the UK.

As an alternative to this, UK players can gamble at UK online casinos using eWallet like Skrillor Neteller, bank transfer directly from your bank account, or even bitcoin if the casino is one of the few which accepts it.


Best UK casino games

Finding what you’re after at an online UK casino depends on what you enjoy playing. If you prefer slots, then you will find great games at most online casinos. With free spin and deposit match bonuses being plentiful, you’ll not be deprived of extras to make your gameplay exciting and more rewarding than before.

If you much prefer table games, then not only do many casinos have blackjack, poker, and roulette options, but many of them also offer live casino. Live casino is just like being in a brick and mortar casino – you are able to talk to the dealer, choose how many hands to play and when to play them, and you can follow the action of the game live with a real person.

UK players tend to like a few games which you don’t find much elsewhere – Bingo is one of them, as well as Slingo. Slingo is a mash-up of bingo and slots – your bingo number card is there, and a slot reel helps you check them off each spin. You can get line and house, just like in regular bingo, and the wins can be astronomical!


Following UKGC regulations

The UKGC, or United Kingdom Gambling Commission, is the regulatory body in the UK which oversees all gambling business. They impose a number of strict rules on casinos both online and in-person, all aiming to ensure that gambling is safe, secure, and fair.

For example, you might consider fast payouts when withdrawing to be essential to a good casino – and the UKGC agrees! Online casinos can’t hold onto your money when you withdraw, and should endeavour to release it as fast as possible. They also have to be sure to be stringent in their checks on customer identity.

Most importantly for players, always be sure to check that the casino is displaying their licence number, UKGC links, and links to responsible gambling assistance pages. These are the marker of a casino that the UKGC has considered to be legitimate and able to operate.