Bingo, Slingo, and Slots - what's the difference?

Bingo, Slingo, and Slots - what's the difference?

You’re probably well-versed in Bingo and everything it entails. A number selection, a bingo hall or a card online, and the potential to win a prize on your line or house. You’re probably also aware of how slots work – they’re omnipresent in online casinos, so you would have to try hard to miss them! Bingo is hugely popular for UK players, and as a result they may have given Slingo a try and might not be sure if they can have a great gaming experience with slots – so what are the key differences between the different sorts of game? We’ve established a brief summary of what each game contains, what players can expect, and what the differences and similarities are between them.


How does Bingo work?

Bingo is a pretty simple process for playing – and that’s part of the reason it’s so popular. You keep a card, or a number of cards, and numbers are randomly selected. Online, this would use a similar RNG to a slot game, but in live games it’s from a tombola-style machine that drops a number out of it. Each number gets a stamp on your card – collect a line and you win a prize, win full house by collecting all the numbers and you can win a grand prize or even a jackpot.


How do slots work?

Slots are a staple of any online casino – most people know that you line up the symbols across the potential paylines, and then you get a prize. Individual slots may vary, including extra reels or extra features like wild or bonus symbols, but the formula is essentially the same. The reels are determined with an RNG (Random Number Generator), and so the possibility of winning is determined entirely by chance. Whether you line up the symbols or not is purely determined by luck, and there's no real planning involved.


How does Slingo work?

Slingo – a portmanteau of Slots and Bingo – works a little bit like both. It’s a specifically different game, but has features from both. When loading the game you will be given a bingo card board, which will be very familiar to any bingo players. Much like bingo, the aim is to mark off all the numbers you can. The slot aspect comes in when your single reel. This reel will display numbers which may correspond with what you have on your card. The reel has stepped into the role of the number-caller from bingo.

You pay per round, with each round giving you a number of spins (usually 11). With each spin, you collect random numbers on the slot reel. This slot reel, if it matches your number card, will stamp one for you. There is a paytable on the side of the board, and which each line you collect you can gain more prize money. Wilds will also appear, letting you take strategic tiles on the card with the hope that further spins will create a line or house.  


Sound good?

We think Slingo is a pretty innovative way to get both the chance of slots and the planning of bingo – and it’s got plenty of potential wins available when you play it! Given how popular bingo is and how available it is on online UK casinos, we think Slingo is worth trying out if you’re a fan.