Sweepstake Casino Tips

Sweepstake Casino Tips

For players who are keen on winning great prizes, especially players in the US who have great access to online sweepstakes casinos, the thrill of winning or potentially winning is a big draw. Regular casinos allow you to top up your wallet with cash, play with that cash, and then potentially win. Sweepstakes casinos operate a little differently. You buy a currency – usually coins or chips, like in a regular casino. You can then use these to play without needing to make more deposits, and will also allow you to win real cash prizes. The process is simple enough, but how can you get the most out of it?


Play for free

We know what you’re thinking – you’re here to win money and playing for fun won’t give you that! However, in many sweepstakes casinos you will get two types of play currency. You’ll get coins that let you play for fun, and you’ll get sweepstakes coins or currency to let you play for real. The coins that let you play for free give you time to try out different games, betting strategies, and techniques. The real benefit of this is when it comes to playing with real money, you don’t need to experiment and already know exactly what you prefer – with no risk to your money before now!


Play a mix of table games and slots

If you prefer one over the other, then you don’t have to follow this advice, but we think it’s the best way for you to get the most out of a sweepstake casino! As you’ll generally receive less sweepstake currency than freeplay coins, you can be selective. A table game might have a round of play that lasts a little longer than a slot, but slots will have an exciting chance of wins. By mixing your game approach, you will have differing chances and strategies when it comes to making your next win!


Take part in promotions

We’re a big fan of bonuses at CTO, and in many sweepstake casinos they offer giveaways of coins frequently. Be sure to follow your chosen casino on social media and keep an eye on our reviews for updates bonus offers. These promotions can include deals like free to enter tournaments which can be similar to prize draws or simply require that you play a particular game, freebies for referring a friend who can also register, leaderboard contests where your wins count towards more coins, and even the ability to request more coins by sending a letter to the casino’s headquarters.



Check in frequently

Many sweepstake casinos offer bonuses just for logging in every day – no extra deposit required! You can build up your collection of sweepstake coins to play for real without even needing to play more on that day. In addition to this, logging in every day will let you keep an eye on the biggest jackpots. Once you think the jackpot has built up enough on your favourite game to an amount that you’d like, you can play with your new collection of coins and hopefully win big!