Gambless recovery calendar

Gambless recovery calendar

What is Gambless?

Gambless is the only mobile app to provide support to problem gamblers with a holistic approach to mental health.

In just 3 months after launch, our community has grown to about 2,000 problem gamblers in recovery, and we couldn’t be more humbled by the feedback received.

We have given away hundreds of free codes for unlimited access to our resources, worth more than $70.000. Without taking 1 cent from our users and without any contribution from operators or governments.

To celebrate the new year in style, we decided to present our “2022 Recovery Calendar” as a gift for all our users in recovery!

Designed to help one deal with the addiction day after day, the calendar puts great emphasis on personal growth & objectives each month. And it can be downloaded and printed conveniently from home.

As the developers of a mobile application, we are grateful for technology to enable us to overcome barriers and to make treatment available to a larger number of individuals in need. To stay virtual means also more privacy and this helps to fight the stigma associated with problem gambling.

However, we also understand the enormous importance of human connections and support from the real world. Gambling addiction is often referred to as the hidden addiction because the number of people who open up is extremely low, and that’s why we encourage you to print this calendar and show it with pride, without hiding it from friends or family. It gives you an opportunity to share your progress with the people you love.

At the beginning of each month, you will be tasked with filling out the “Goal of the Month”. It can be anything: monetary savings, financial objectives, professional aspirations or relationships, and family goals.

We then took quite literally one of the most effective and well-known mottos of addiction recovery: “One day at a time“. Every day you will be asked not only if you gambled or not, but also about your contribution towards your monthly goal.

Finally, we realize that not everything will be easy. There will be great days and not-so-good ones, so we complemented the calendar with text areas for you to write down all the highs and lows of each month.

This feature is important to be able to look back in time and identify areas of improvement. But it will also allow you to express gratitude and practice appreciation.